Fix for "Broken PASS Installer File"

Recently, the PASS installer file was not working on Mac/Windows computers with the most recent updates. However, we have a temporary solution for you until we get permanent fixes up and running! Here are the temporary solutions:

Mac Users

Click this link to go through the steps to get PASS up and running on your Mac:

Windows Users

First, download PASS from this link:

We’re working on fixing the installer file, but in the meantime, here is now to fix it:
In order to bypass the "broken installer file" notification, simply change the date on your computer. If you change the year to 2015 and attempt to open PASS, it should work for you! Once PASS is installed, you can change the date back to the current year.


We do have the new version of PASS, PASS +, available now. It’s entirely online, so you won’t have to worry about installing and maintaining a desktop app. Uploads are blazing fast, and we have some awesome new features in PASS +! If you want to check out PASS Plus, please do so here:

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    James Murray

    This does not work for me as one of my computers I need to install on doesn't give me admin rights to change the date. Fix it please!