Creating Your First Event

We’ve created PASS to be a quick and simple way for you to upload and display your photos in beautiful online galleries! Even though the uploading and creation process is intuitive, we understand that learning anything new takes time. To help you, we’ve created a quick getting started guide to get you moving. It will cover these three steps:

  1. Installing PASS
  2. Creating Your Event
  3. Sharing Your Event

Let’s jump in!

Step 1: Installing PASS

If you've already installed PASS, you can skip to the Creating Your Event section.

Mac OS X

Installing PASS on your Mac is quick and simple! First, head over here to download the program: If you’re not already signed in, type your login information and click Login. If you don’t have an account, click the Need An Account? button to create a PASS account.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, navigate to where you saved it and double-click the PASS.dmg file. By default, the file should be in your Downloads folder. If you don’t see it, you can use the Search function in Finder to sift through the pixelated dust.

Inside the PASS.dmg file, you’ll find a white Install PASS package. Double-click it to begin installing PASS. You may be asked if you’re sure you want to open the file since it was downloaded from the Internet. Click the Open button on this prompt to continue.

Next, the Application Install window will open and guide you through the installation process. It will ask you where you would like to install PASS and whether you would like to start it when the installation is finished. We recommend leaving these preferences as they are and clicking Continue. 

You’ll be asked to agree to Adobe Air’s terms of service. Once you do this, you will be asked for your computer login password and PASS will be installed.

When launching PASS for the first time, you may see this screenshot. Click Open to begin using PASS and whoosh! Here. We. Go!

Step 2: Creating An Event

PASS lets you create an event with an easy 3-minute workflow! Your events can then be shared and viewed in an online browser and PASS Mobile App. It all starts on your computer with the PASS Desktop App. Check out the guide below to learn how to create your first event.

The Desktop App is built around creating and managing your events. Each event you upload and share will show up online as a beautiful gallery for your clients and guests to enjoy. Whether you’re a professional wedding or portrait photographer, or you simply want a beautiful gallery to display your photos online, PASS has you covered. In the next few steps, you’ll be able to deliver your photos to your [awesome] clients. Let’s dive in!

First, open PASS for Mac or Windows. You’ll be prompted to log in. Once you do, the first thing you see will be a Drag Photos box. Simply drag and drop high resolution .jpg photo file(s) you want to upload into that box. The use of watermarks in your uploads is strongly discouraged. For more information on this, please view our terms of service. If you have any issues with uploading or you would like to learn more about the process, please refer to the troubleshooting and uploading checklist.

While your photos are uploading, PASS will help you add some details and style your event. First, enter a name for your event. When you upload photos, PASS will automatically suggest a name based on the folder the photos are stored in on your computer, but you can change that name to anything you’d like. 

In addition to a custom name, you can customize the web link as well. For example, if you just shot a wedding for a couple named John and Jane Smith, you can make the link smithwedding or johnandjane. We recommend keeping the name and link short and simple.

Lastly, select the type of event you’re uploading. This helps keep things organized for when you want to search through your events. The event types are Wedding, Portrait, and Other. Select whichever one fits your event best and click Next to continue.

Next you’ll be asked for your recipient’s name and email address. For example, if you’re uploading wedding photos, you can add the bride or groom as the recipient. Don’t worry, nothing will be sent until you choose to invite the recipient to the event. When you’re finished, click Next.

Once your photos have finished uploading, you can set the event’s key photo. This photo will be used as the main image when the event is shared, as the thumbnail in the client’s account dashboard, and as the Cover Photo if you are using that styling option. We recommend using a horizontal (landscape) photo as the key photo of an event. Click the image that best represents your event and click Next.

You’ll now be asked how you want to style your event, which affect how it displays in the browser and mobile app. This will be the first thing your clients see when they view the event. Here are the options PASS provides for your events: 

    • Cover Photo: This is a great way to feature a favorite image by displaying it at the top of the page in full width.
    • Slideshow: If you want more than one photo to be displayed at full width, the Slideshow is what you’re looking for. It will flip through a selection of up to 20 photos.
    • Gallery: If you just want to keep things simple, this basic grid layout is always beautiful.
    • Video: You can add a custom video to the top of your event in place of a Cover Photo. PASS currently supports YouTube and Vimeo videos. Vimeo doesn’t allow HD video embeds, so we recommend using YouTube if you want the video to be as crisp as possible. Simply paste the link in the Video URL field (such as:

Step 3: Sharing Your Event

Once your photos are finished uploading and you’ve styled your event, you can immediately share it with your clients! Click the Share button to invite your clients to view and enjoy their photos. From there, you can select the client you added during the upload process or add a new one using Choose Recipient dropdown menu. You can include a custom message to them as well. When you’re finished, click Send Invite and bazinga! You’re all set.


Those three steps are all you need to get started with PASS and upload your first event. If you’d like to learn about the other great features we’ve included in PASS, keep reading our knowledge base.

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