Managing Collections

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Events must have at least 1 Collection

In order for an event to be viewable online, it must contain at least one collection. These can be added, edited, and deleted from the Manage section of any event. When you first upload an event to PASS, your photos will automatically be added to a collection bearing the name of the event.

Selecting multiple photos / Photo Counter

When organizing your event, you may want to add more than one photo to a collection. You can do this quickly using the Shift and Command/Control keys. To select all the photos in a collection, click the first one, hold down Shift, scroll to the last one, and click it. You can release shift now.

To select more than one photo individually, hold Command on Mac and Control on Windows and click each additional photo you want in your selection.

Photo Counter: when you've selected multiple photos, you can right-click (Control+Click for Mac,) on that selection to see the count of how many photos you've selected.

All Photos

The All Photos screen shows you every photo you’ve uploaded to the event. Each photo will also display a small colored box corresponding to any collection(s) it is displayed in.

Photos To Sort

The Photos To Sort tab displays photos that have been uploaded to PASS but have not been included in a collection. This occurs when you add new photos to an event without first selecting a collection. Images that aren’t in a collection will not be viewable to your clients. 

Here’s how to add images to a collection from the Photos to Sort screen:

  1. Click the Photos to Sort button in the sidebar.
  2. Select up to 500 images per collection.
  3. Drag and drop your selected images into a collection, or select the collection name from the dropdown menu to add them to that collection.

Organizing photos

Photos can be organized into separate collections to help your clients view and navigate different scenes of the event within PASS. For weddings, collections are often created with names such as the Ceremony, Reception, Bride & Groom, etc. For portrait events, collections sometimes include different locations, the client names, etc.

You can change the order of photos in a collection by simply dragging them. Photos will also show a small colored square beneath them which correlates to the collection(s) they are included in.

Enabling and disabling printing

Each event can have unique printing options. Once you click the Manage button while viewing an event, you can click the Shopping Cart button in the bottom toolbar to access the printing options. To change the price sheet, click the dropdown menu below Choose Price Sheet and click the one you want to use. To disable printing altogether, uncheck the Allow Products box. When you’re finished, click Done.

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