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PASS is all about sharing and makes it easy to send your clients event invitations, or the direct event link. It also gives you the ability to control who can view and download photos in an event. Learn more on how to share a gallery and adjust the privacy settings in the sections below.


The simplest way to share an event in PASS is the Invite tool. Once you have the event open in the PASS Desktop App, click the Share button in the sidebar and then click Invite. Clicking the dropdown menu below Choose Recipient will reveal the client name and email address you added when you created the event. If this is the client you want to share the event with, select their name. If not, click New and add the name and email address of a new recipient. Add a message to your client with any details they will need (such as the event password if needed) and click Send Invite to loop them in on things!

Copy the event link

There’s are two additional options for sharing events in PASS. If you’d like to email the client yourself or send them a message on Facebook, you can quickly copy a link to the event. Here's how:

  1. Head to the Share tab
  2. Selecting Gallery
  3. Click Copy Link

Lastly, you can share a single photo to Pinterest, in the Pinterest tab. Simply click a photo to select it and click Share. This will open a browser window prompting you to log in to Pinterest and post the image.


As the photographer you can choose the privacy of an event by adding an event password, choosing who is able to download and/or view photos, and managing VIP guest access.

Event Passwords 

Only guests with the event password will be able to enter the gallery and see the photos and collections within that event. To add, edit, or remove a password, open the event in the PASS Desktop App and select the Privacy button on the bottom of the screen. You then can enter in any password you’d like and share that with your guests for them to gain access.

Downloading and Viewing 

For any upgraded event, you as the photographer have control over which collections are viewable and downloadable by event guests. These settings can be managed in the Privacy tab of the event while viewing it in the PASS Desktop App. To make any collection hidden from regular event guests uncheck the Show box beside that collection. Similarly, to turn off the downloading feature for any/all collections simply uncheck the Download box beside those collections.

Note: Any Collection that does not have the “Show” box checked will not be viewable by guests even if they have the event password. For Collections in which the “Show” box is unchecked, guests will only be able to view those Collections if they have been given those privileges as a VIP. To learn more about VIP settings, click here.

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