Using the Reach Map

To give you a visual idea of who has been visiting your galleries, we created the Reach Map. Powered by Google Maps, the Reach Map will tell you where the views and downloads are coming from, for each event. If you host your portfolio on PASS, this is the perfect opportunity to see where your work sparks the most interest. Otherwise, it’s just a fun tool.

Using the Reach Map is simple. In the PASS Desktop App, select an event from the Home screen and click the globe icon in the sidebar. By default, photo views will be displayed. You can also click Viewers and Downloads to see where those are coming from. The map is fully navigable: Just click and drag to pan, and use the scroll wheel or + and - buttons to zoom. When you’re finished, click Done to return to your event’s homepage.

Whatever you end up using it for, it’s good to remember that the Reach Map is not perfect. Due to the way the Internet works, servers sometimes relay information differently than others. So, if you suddenly see a few views from Madagascar or Alaska, don’t be alarmed — it’s happens once in a while. If you see a lot of these random views, however, and you know that none of your clients live in those places, you can always set different privacy settings.

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