Support FAQs

How can I make an event or collection viewable only to who I choose?

If you need to make some of the photos in an event, or all of them, viewable only to the bride and groom or extended party, you can do this in the People settings. Here's how:

  1. Click Privacy.
  2. Uncheck all the boxes belonging to the collections in the event.
  3. Optionally, add a password to protect the event.
  4. Click the VIP you want to give permission to.
  5. Click VIP Access and check Show beside a collection to give them viewing privileges or Download to let them download images.
  6. Repeat for additional VIPs if necessary.
  7. Click Done in the bottom right to save your changes.

Why doesn't my client receive invites?

Due to the way that some email systems sort messages, PASS invites sometimes get filtered into the Spam folder. We recommend you and your clients add “[email protected]” to your email contact list to make sure all PASS emails make it to your inbox.

Also, you can send them the direct link to the event yourself. To get that link, open up the event in your PASS Desktop App. Select the Share tab, and then click Gallery, click Copy Link and then share or email it to them as you’d like!

My client has a problem with their prints

Feel free to contact us with print issues so that we can help resolve them. Before you do, though, please ask your client for photos of the prints that have issues. Include these as attachments when you contact us.

Can I watermark my photos?

Watermarks are against the PASS Terms of Service. PASS was designed to be a sharing tool for Shoot & Share photographers to deliver high-res non-watermarked images to clients who have already paid up-front for the cost of digital images. For more info on what Shoot & Share is, check out this article by our lovely friend, Hope Taylor!

How do I update my credit card info?

If you are experiencing issues with your credit card, or if you'd like help updating your Credit Card info in the PASS desktop app, feel free to contact us for help! 

Why can't I see my client's favorites?

If you aren’t seeing your client’s favorites, make sure to check under the Guests tab of the People section. It doesn’t expand when you click the People button, click Guests to check inside. You can then click the client whose favorites you want to view.

What happened to the colors in my photos?

PASS only supports sRGB. If your photos use Adobe RGB or another color profile, they will not display properly in PASS, even though they might upload fine. To fix this, export your photos using sRGB.

Where can I see my clients' orders?

If you'd like to see the details of orders placed from your PASS galleries, feel free to log on to!

Help! How do I reset my password?

Sorry you got locked out! That's no fun. To reset your password, simply go to to reset it. You'll receive an email with a temporary password. You must change your password at once you reset it. The temporary one that we email you will not work for logging in to the PASS Desktop App.

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