PASS Event Pricing


All events in PASS start off free and are available online for 10 years. Any event that you upload with 100 photos or less will also be automatically upgraded by PASS, for free, every time.

If an event has over 100 photos, you can always choose to use PASS for free, or you can upgrade it for $29 to keep all of PASS’ features that are listed above. If you decide not to upgrade it, we will still keep it online for 10 years, but you will not be able to specify who is allowed to view and download your photos, photos must be downloaded individually, you cannot disable printing, and we will take a 15% commission fee for each photo you sell.

If you choose to upgrade the event, you will have full access to the features PASS has to offer, allowing your clients to view and download special collections using the VIP access you grant them. Downloading multiple photos as a ZIP file is also available for upgraded events. And of course you make 100% of the profits from prints you sell.

For more info, please see our pricing page:

How to upgrade an event

Upgrading an event is simple. Once you've uploaded over 100 photos to an event, you will be prompted to either add a credit card, remove some photos, or use the free features available to events over 100 photos. Choose Add Credit Card and put in your card information to pay for the event, and you're all set!

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    maricel teague

    why is my pass subscription expired? Did something change?