Uploading Tips and Tricks

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Here are some commonly requested tips and tricks for uploading.

Preparing your photos

You can name images in the order you’d like them to be shown and PASS will automatically sort them for you (i.e. JackJill_wedding-001.jpg, JackJill_wedding-001.jpg, etc.).

For subfolders uploaded, PASS will also automatically turn them into collections within the event. Similarly to images, you can name folders in order for use in sorting (i.e. 01 Favorites, 02 Ceremony). Keep in mind that subfolders and collections must have less than 500 photos each to function and display properly.

Pausing uploads

If you need to head out to another shoot before your photos are done uploading, you can safely quit the PASS app to pause the upload. The next time you open it, the upload will automatically resume.

Canceling uploads

If you just remembered that you already uploaded a set of photos, you can cancel the current upload by clicking the pause button during the upload and clicking the X.

High resolution photos in PASS

PASS has been designed with the best photo quality and client viewing experience in mind. To give your guests the best viewing experience online with downloaded images and printed photos, PASS automatically uploads every image to be 4,000 pixels on the long side of the image. This makes client access fast, but doesn’t compromise the quality of the image. We recommend keeping the original image on your computer or external drive in case you need to edit things later.

Your galleries will feature images measuring 4,000 pixels on the long side. This allows for beautiful prints up to 24x36 inches.

Uploading original resolution photos

While we recommend using PASS’ high resolution settings, we also offer the option to upload full resolution images if your clients prefer them. When you upload originals, the physical size (mb) does impact your clients' experience. Having large physical size for files can make it hard for your clients to easily share the photos. However, if you prefer to still upload Original Resolution photos, please remember that upload and download speeds will dramatically increase.
There are a few things to consider before you enable this option:

  • Enabling full resolution uploading applies to all future uploads, until you disable it.
  • You cannot upload RAW (i.e. CR2, NEF) files.
  • Clients can only download full resolution by using the Download All option from the online PASS gallery, which means you will have to upgrade events with over 100 photos to enable downloading. For more info on this, see our pricing guide.
  • Due to the increased file size, please remember that upload and download speeds will dramatically increase.

All that being said, here’s how to upload full resolution photos to PASS:

  1. From the PASS Desktop App, click the Profile icon in the top toolbar.
  2. Select the Settings tab to show the Advanced Settings.
  3. Select Originals.
  4. Click Save & Close and the Home icon.
  5. Drag and drop the photos you’d like to the upload to the box under Create New Event.
  6. A notification will be displayed at the bottom of the screen asking you to confirm the size of the images. Select the non-highlighted Originals option.

If your upload queue is full, click here for the steps to clear that out and get uploading once again.

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    My images won't even upload. Does not offer a solution. Please advise.

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    same problem as the last comment.