Managing Your Photographer Profile

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Props page setup

We believe that photographers should be credited for their work, but we do not support the use of watermarks. Instead, we dedicated a section of each gallery to giving you credit. It’s called Props. There are two ways to display it: Upfront or hidden. You can have it set to be the welcome screen on any event you upload, or the client can find it by the Shoot and Share logo in the top right of the event in the browser.

There are two Props options: Your custom logo and social media links. If you haven’t uploaded a logo, your business name will be used as a title for the Props page.

Adding your business logo

If you have a personal logo, or one for your photography business, you can use it to make your Props page more professional and branded. Uploading a logo is as dragging and dropping the file. In the Desktop App, click the Profile icon in the top toolbar. You’ll now see the Props tab. Simply drag your logo into the Drag New Logo box, wait a few seconds for it to upload (you’ll see it appear when it’s finished), and click Save & Close.

Keep in mind that your logo needs to be a PNG file measuring 500x200 pixels. Any other size will not display properly. We also recommend using a transparent background in your logo.

Adding social media links

PASS can automatically add links to your social media profiles on the Props page to make sure you gain a few followers thanks to your photos.

Here’s how to add your social media profiles:

  1. Open the PASS Desktop App.
  2. Click the Profile icon in the top toolbar.
  3. In the Update Links section of the Props tab, paste your social media links where applicable.
  4. Click Save & Close and open an event in the browser view your changes. 

If the Facebook profile link doesn’t work, go to your Facebook profile and copy the link. It should look like this, but with your username: 

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