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PASS Credits can be used by you and your guests to upgrade events as well as purchase prints and canvases. Whenever one of your clients orders prints, you receive PASS Credits based on the profits made. On any upgraded event you keep 100% of the profits (the product price you set, minus the product cost) and on non-upgraded events PASS keeps 15% as commission. You can use those credits to upgrade events, order prints yourself, gift them to clients/friends, or redeem them for cash.

Using Credits

You can use PASS Credits to:

  1. Upgrade events
  2. Order prints
  3. Give your clients Credits
  4. And, of course, redeem them for cash on the PASS account page here:

Purchasing Credits

You can purchase PASS Credits and use them to upgrade events, buy prints and canvases, or send to your clients as a gift. To buy credits head to the Get Credit page of your account: or from the PASS Desktop App click the VIP you want to send Credits to and select the Gift Credit button.

Gifting Credits

Once you have sold some prints, you can use the Credits to invest in your clients. This will probably make them love you. And since they’re Credits, you’re not “buying” their love — you’re gifting it. So there. Everyone is happy.

Here’s how to gift Credits:

  1. Open the PASS Desktop App.
  2. Click on the event that your client is a Guest or VIP on.
  3. Click the People section.
  4. Make sure both the VIP and the Guest tabs are expanded.
  5. Select the client you want to send Credits to.
  6. Click Gift Credits.
  7. Type the amount you want to send in the “Create your own gift amount here” field, or select one of the preset options.
  8. Click Send Gift Now.

Note: Gifted PASS Credits are not transferrable or refundable. They function exactly like a gift card, they do not expire, and they cannot be returned to the sender.

Redeeming Credits

Credits earned from print purchases can only be redeemed for cash within one (1) year from their date of issuance. When redeeming PASS credits for cash, they are redeemable at a 1-to-$1 ratio. Before beginning each credit redemption, you must have a minimum balance of 50 redeemable PASS credits.
To redeem them, sign into your photographer account here,, click History, and then at the bottom click Redeem Credits. From there you can follow the on-screen steps.


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    I had some issues in the past with redeeming credits and I thought they were going to a direct deposit format. Wanted to make sure before I redeemed mine.
    Also, I have an address change:
    3234 W. Fuller Dr.
    Anthem, AZ 85086
    Thank you!