Prints and Canvases

PASS lets you offer your clients gorgeous prints and canvases shipped directly to their door! We partner with White House Custom Color, one of the leading and most respected print houses in the nation, to fulfill all our print orders. They do incredible work that we’re sure both you and your clients will be amazed by!

We also give you as the photographer control over the print prices. You can set your own custom price sheet for a specific event, or set up default price sheets to be  used depending on what type of event you create. Whenever one of your clients orders prints, you receive PASS Credits based on the profits made. On any upgraded event you keep 100% of the profits (the product price you set, minus the product cost) and on non-upgraded events PASS keeps 15% as commission. You can use those credits to upgrade events, order prints yourself, gift them to clients & friends, or redeem them for cash.

Photographic Prints (Standard List Prices)

We offer the following Standard List Prices on free PASS events. These are the lowest, or at-cost, prices you can offer from free PASS events:

4x6 - $0.73

5x7 - $1.15

8x10 - $2.20

11x14 - $4.40

8 Wallets - $2.20

Gallery Wraps

16x24 - Canvas - $104.00

20x30 - Canvas - $134.50

24x36 - Canvas - $170.50

Photo Cards

25 Flat Cards - 5x7 - $29.99

25 Folded Cards - 5x7 - $44.99

Photographic Prints (PASS List Prices)

On any event that has the $29 paid upgrade, you receive special PASS List Prices which give you the ability to make even more profit on our most common print sizes:

4x6 - $0.50

5x7 - $1.00

8x10 - $2.00

Just make sure to upload and PASS will take care of everything else once an order is placed!

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    Adrian Miller

    would be useful if you explained how prints can be ordered

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    I can't find anything about turnaround time. Once a order is placed, how long before it ships out?

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    I would also like to give my clients an idea about turnaround times. Some of them are actors and want to order headshots as needed for auditions etc.