Upload Troubleshooting Guide

Uploading checklist

Before you start uploading, make sure your files meet the following criteria:

1. Supported file formats

All images uploaded to PASS must be in JPEG format using the sRGB color profile to be displayed properly. For information about file size and image resolution, click here.

2. File and Folder naming

When naming files and folders make sure you are are only using alphanumeric characters (everything but ! @ # $ % ^ & * = + { } [ ] ’ ; ” ? ~ \ | ). Using non-alphanumeric characters can cause errors in PASS and delay your uploads significantly.

3. Preparing your photos

You can name images in the order you’d like them to be shown and PASS will automatically sort them for you (i.e. JackJill_wedding-001.jpg, JackJill_wedding-001.jpg, etc.).

For subfolders uploaded, PASS will also automatically turn them into collections within the event. Similarly to images, you can name folders in order for use in sorting (i.e. 01 Favorites, 02 Ceremony). Keep in mind that subfolders and collections must have less than 500 photos each to function and display properly.

Lastly, a way to make your photos upload to PASS faster is to resize them to 4000 pixels on the longest edge to save PASS the processing time. You can do this in your image editor of choice.

4. Clear the cache

PASS uses your computer to prepare files for viewing online, by creating a cache of files in your Documents folder. :)
If there are ever upload issues when creating a new event, or if you get a notification about photos having "duplicates," clearing the cache is the first & most popular solution. :) Click here for instructions on clearing the cache.

PASS is “unable to resize” my photos

Not to worry! This means that you are using non-alphanumeric characters in the filenames of your photos. When you prepare your photos for uploading, remember to skim through them and make sure they don’t have any weird looking characters. The full list of unsupported characters is:

! @ # $ % ^ & * = + { } [ ] ’ ; ” ? ~ \ |

If you find any of these in your filename, simply rename it. On a Mac, you can select the file and press enter on your keyboard to do this. On Windows, right-click the file and select Rename.

Slow / Frozen PASS uploads

PASS is designed to make sure uploading is quick and easy. If you’re experiencing slow uploads, try these fast fixes to get things running smoothly:

  • Pause and resume your upload.
  • Completely close and restart the PASS Desktop App.
  • Check your internet connection’s upload speed at http://www.speedtest.net. PASS needs a minimum of 1 Mbps upload speed to function properly.
  • On Mac, the App Nap feature can interfere with PASS’ uploading. To turn it off, open the System Preferences app, click the Energy Saver pane, and uncheck Enable Power Nap while on battery power/plugged into power adapter.

  • Clear the PASS Upload Cache, directions below.

Clear PASS Upload Cache

If you’re still having trouble with uploading, or your upload cache is full, there’s an advanced method to fix things. It’ll take about five minutes. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Be sure to delete any attempted event upload. To do this, right-click on the event name in the PASS Desktop App
  2. Completely close the PASS Desktop App and make sure it’s not running in the background.
  3. Search your computer for a folder named "PASS" (it must be all caps). On Mac, the best way to do this is to use Spotlight .
    On Windows, you can use the Start or Charms menu.
  4. Delete this entire folder. (This will not affect your photos that have already been uploaded.)
  5. Empty the trash of your computer. To do this on Mac, right-click the Trash icon in the dock and click Empty Trash. On Windows, right-click the Recycle Bin on your desktop and click Empty Recycle Bin.
  6. Once your trash has been emptied, open the PASS Desktop App and begin uploading your photos.
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