Sharing Photos to Facebook

Security Check Required Message When Uploading to Facebook

If Facebook has flagged your PASS url for some reason then your clients may experience this error when uploading images to a Facebook album:

To solve this, please submit a request with Facebook.  Explain that your URL is included in the metadata of the images your clients are trying to upload and it appears that Facebook is preventing the images from uploading.  
Click here to submit a permission request to Facebook.

Don't forget to include your PASS vanity URL. Example:

After trying that and waiting a few days or so for them to process your requests, if it still isn't cleared, the next best fix would be to change your vanity URL in PASS.
If you change your PASS vanity URL to solve this, you'd then want to change the URL of any of the previously affected event links.

If you need further assistance, feel free to Contact Us.

Removing “View More” on Facebook

When a gallery is shared to Facebook, if you'd like to delete the "View More Here" link when PASS events to Facebook, you'll need to replace the text with a comment of your own, or a caption of the photo. If you try to just delete the "View More Here" link, Facebook will just put the link right back.

Also, while uploading an album to Facebook, you'll want to select High Resolution to make sure the photos upload to Facebook in high resolution.

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