PASS Desktop App Fix - "Out-of-Date Adobe File" Error

"PASS has found a problem-It is likely caused by an out of date file from Adobe."

^ If you have received this error message in your PASS Desktop app on your Mac, you've come to the right place for the fix!

This error, although rare, is caused by an outdated Adobe file that is on your computer, which needs to be replaced with a new version of the file. This is the name of the file that needs to be updated: Adobe Unit Types.osax

Here's the steps to help you find & replace that outdated file!

  1. Make sure your PASS Desktop App is closed. 
  2. Open Finder on your Mac.
  3. Hold the SHIFT, COMMAND, and G keys, to pull up the "Go to the folder" search box. This will pull up your Mac's filesystem search bar.
  4. Copy the following line, including the slash at the beginning, and paste it into that "Go to the folder" search box: /library/scriptingadditions
  5. You will then see a folder called "Scripting Additions" that contains the Adobe Unit Types.osax file. This is the outdated file that the PASS app spoke of, which needs to be replaced with the latest version.
  6. Click here to download the newest version of the Adobe Unit Types.osax file.
  7. Drag the new file from your Downloads folder, to the Scripting Additions folder.
  8. You'll then be prompted to Authenticate the new file, so click the "Authenticate" button.
  9. If you receive this prompt, click the "Replace" button. 
  10. Reopen your PASS desktop app, and begin uploading again!

 Voila! Let us know if this helps!

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    My problem is that I have a new laptop now, and I was trying to download the app on the new computer, but I get the error, and since it's a new computer, I don't have that "Adobe Unit Types.osax" file, and I tried to download it from here, but it says it's not valid.